Stump Grinding

A stump grinder is a specialist piece of equipment that can grind a stump down, removing it and turning it into a mulch-like substance.

There are few reasons for getting rid of a stump, the most obvious being aesthetics. It may also be in the way of where you wish to install your new patio or driveway, or purely for safety reasons.
Occasionally if a dead stump is left in the ground it can play host to root diseases such as Honey Fungus. If the stump is still alive, then new shoots may arise from the trunk and root system. We have specialist equipment available for the removal of even the most difficult stump, including narrow access grinders, for reaching tricky places. 

Chemical Treatment 
We can also offer an alternative to stump grinding, by poisoning the stump with Eco-Plugs. These are little plugs that are inserted into a tree or a stump to kill it and eventually eliminate it and its re-growth.
Eco-Plugs release the chemical inside the plant, eventually killing the entire root system of the tree. By inserting the plug inside the tree, we are avoiding risk of exposure to animals, humans and surrounding wildlife. 

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