Tree Consultancy

We offer a variety of Consultancy packages, designed to meet your specific requirements, in a cost effective way.

As a responsible tree owner, you have a legal duty to ensure that your trees are in safe condition, to ensure any forseeable damage does not occur to people or property. In order to do this, a report may be required to assess the condtion of your trees. 

Some mortgage lenders or building insurers may also request a report, if trees are located within the property or on the property boundary. 

There are various reasons for requiring a tree report, which is why we offer a range of services to meet your needs and budget. 

Simple Report

Our simple reports offer a walk around assessment of all the trees on your porperty, however we will only record those trees which require urgent or remedial work within the report. 

Full Report

A full tree report will include a walk around assessment of all trees on site. All trees will then be recorded onto a site location plan, with details recorded including size, condition based on visual assesment and any required tree surgery. A full report will provide you with a full inventory of all trees on the property. 

Aerial Assesment

Occasionally, a ground based survey may not be sufficient enough and a climbed assesment may be necessary. This is where our consultant will climb the tree to make their assesment, with a report including photographs and reccomendations of work. 

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